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Made In Canada

We are Canada's #1 Canadian owned and Canadian made retail paint brand. Home Hardware's BeautiTone Paint & Home Products is located in South Western Ontario. The plant and laboratory constitute one of the most modern paint manufacturing facilities in North America.

The plants advanced level of automation has given us the accuracy required to produce products of the highest quality while providing maximum efficiency. This advantage enables our dealers to sell the best rated paint in Canada at an exceptional price.

BeautiTone paint and Home Products manufactures a full range of paint products in both water based and solvent based formulations. We also supply a wide range of aerosol and cleaning products, including our most popular and highly regarded line of Natura products.

All of our products are exclusive to Home Hardware and are developed in our own modern, fully equipped Research and Development laboratory. It is necessary to be at the forefront of technology in order to achieve our goal of producing the best products for the marketplace.

Fifteen dedicated research & development chemists plus quality control technicians use computerized colour matching and formulating programs, stringent testing procedures and statistical analysis in order to ensure consistent high quality. All of our products are benchmarked against national leading brands and we perform regular outside testing to ensure we offer the best quality consumers can find. To ensure commitment to quality is delivered, each batch is checked twice - as it is produced and a second time after it is packaged. Any product that is not found to be up to quality standards is rejected. Beauti-Tone paint has been produced by BeautiTone Paint and Home Products since 1980 and has always stood for exceptional quality, dynamic colour selection, affordable pricing and the highest level of customer satisfaction. BeautiTone has earned its reputation as a top quality paint. BeautiTone is part of a family of products that also includes Designer, Signature, Pure, Wood Shield, and Pro Paint. All are exclusively available at the more than 1000 Home Stores across Canada.

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