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Cool Trends For A Hot Bath

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home. All the more reason to take note of the new ideas that are about to influence your daily experiences there. The latest bathroom design innovations and ideas range from tactile to high-tech. Smart engineering delivers new options for showers and toilets, while new designs for classic medicine cabinets simply make our bathrooms work better. And then colour! Our design eye is energized with the arrival of both gold and black.

Modern Medicine

Apothecary-style functionality meets contemporary good looks – think brushed brass and new shapes – in today’s lineup of medicine cabinets. These cupboards embody smart design, providing handy storage in streamlined dimensions. Valuable workhorses, especially in small spaces and for families, they keep personal pharmacy and grooming essentials neat and orderly. What a bonus when they’re beautiful too!

Magnetic Attraction

The latest shower heads and docks attach magnetically to provide convenient handheld options at different heights – perfect for children, pets or seated bathing. Customizing your space with an extra dock is a design-minded idea that adds a true spa-like touch to your experience by providing the option for relaxing handheld showers. Pair with your existing Moen Magnetix fixture!

Go for Gold

Historically speaking, gold tends to do well in tough times. Interesting then that the yellow metal is enjoying renewed popularity in décor. Matte gold and brushed brass sparkle in glamorous new bathrooms. If you’re looking to gild your own powder room or spa-inspired space, think details. Gold-tone faucets, cabinet pulls or gold-framed mirrors and accessories are great ways to add the Midas touch.

Luxe for the Loo

Smart toilets are getting smarter. Look for integrated tankless designs if you’re searching for space-saving solutions. This latest model also features a built-in warm water bidet and warm air dryer, as well as adjustable seat temperature control to make it truly personal. Touchless mechanisms also include a self-cleaning nozzle and foot sensor, automatic lid and night lights.

Black is Back

Black is sleek, timeless and can be integrated into your decor in countless ways. Make a serious trend statement with a black vanity or black metal shower – or even an almost-black accent wall. Black patterned tile is another way to integrate this trend, with designs ranging from geometric to mosaic looks. Have an all-white bathroom? No problem: Update the room with black lighting, black faucet and accessories. The of-the-moment finish is matte black, but blackened metals also come to play in this timeless, graphic look.

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