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Here's How Painting Interiors Tips


Colour is powerful, paint is affordable. Together they are invincible, the dynamic duo of decorating. Transform your paint brush into a magic wand with these simple tips!


Contrasting colours emphasize. Use them to highlight and take advantage of wonderful moldings, art, or other beautiful architectural features in your room. To the contrary, unsightly architectural features and basic moldings will disappear if ‘painted out' by using the same colour as the background.


Want instant design that‘s WOW? Paint inside closets, cabinets, and drawers a gorgeous colour. It's pure eye candy.


Put paint to work! A boring room will come alive with colour-blocking to create a beautiful feature wall. So quick and so easy you'll feel like a genius.


Who says ceilings have to be white. Tint paint for ceiling and trim work for a more harmonious colour scheme.


Colour can create an optical illusion and make a long narrow room or hallway appear wider. Simply paint the shorter walls a darker colour. Presto chango!


Quarters got you cramped? Select a cool light colour and your space will feel bigger. Hello elbow room.

If cozy and intimate is your desired effect, let warm dark colours create the atmosphere.


Walls vertically challenged? Make them seem taller by keeping the ceiling lighter than the walls in places like basements. Or try this optical illusion, paint the ceiling colour down 1 ft on the wall and finish with a narrow molding. Voila, your low ceiling will feel 10' high. Got the opposite issue? Bring down ceiling height by painting it darker than the walls.


Avoid disappointment when selecting that perfect colour. Try these ideas to help you select the perfect colour every time!

When choosing a colour, isolate it on white from other colours for a truer perception.

Your colour will look more intense on the wall than on the paint chip. If you are feeling unsure, simply go one shade lighter.

Don't overwhelm yourself; three is the maximum colours you should consider. Any more is too confusing to the eye.

Select your colour in the room at the time of day the room is used most. View colour on the angle it will be used. I.e. wall colour vertical, ceiling horizontal above your head, floor horizontal looking down.

Ask your local Home Hardware, Home Hardware Building Centre or Home Building Centre Dealer for advice on painting interiors.

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