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Peterborough, ON 

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Kerr Family
Peterborough, ON

"Cathy was extremely helpful with guiding us in the right directions with our kitchen renovation. We had a vision of what we wanted to do, and she made it come to life! Cathy took the time to come to the house and give us ideas of how to design and make it a better layout for us and kept it within our budget and timeline. Cathy was professional, patient with all our emails and requests and always got back to us promptly.  The design she came up with is what we envisioned it to look like, we still look at our kitchen and smile daily at how perfect it turned out! Home hardware had a lot of choices and different upgrades to choose from which allowed us to explore different options. Cathy came back to the house after the kitchen was put in and went over any imperfections we found and got them fixed at no cost to us until we were satisfied. This was our first major renovation and it went quite smoothly between working with our contractors, our own renovations to the kitchen and  working along with home hardware. I would 100% recommend Cathy to anyone looking to renovate a kitchen. I have already passed her name on to several people."       -Kerr Family


Designed by Cathy Kutt

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